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Simple CLI tool for removing files.
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Simple CLI tool for removing files.


I make mistakes, but I don't want one of those mistakes to be accidentally permanently deleting an important file. I spend much of my computer time in the terminal, but rm can be a dangerous thing. There are already tools that seek to remedy this problem; t is another one.

t is designed for interactive use, and incorporates more protections for this usecase than safe-rm. At the same time, it is much simpler than larger projects like trash-cli.


  • Incorporates directory blacklist like safe-rm to avoid deleting important system directories.
  • Prompts user for confirmation before removing multiple items.
  • Keeps deleted items for a configurable number of days before automatically permanently deleting them. Permanent deletion requires the -f flag and prompts for confirmation.
  • Only deletes multiple files if no error occurs with any one of them.


usage: trash [-rf] <files>...

  -f  Delete files forever.
  -r  Recursively remove directories.


MIT - see the LICENSE file.

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