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  1. xs2a xs2a Public

    Open Source NextGenPSD2 XS2A Implementation from adorsys.

    Java 130 61

  2. open-banking-gateway open-banking-gateway Public

    Provides RESTful API, tools, adapters, and connectors for transparent access to open banking API's (for banks that support PSD2 and XS2A as well as HBCI/FinTS)

    Java 232 90

  3. secure-storage-android secure-storage-android Public

    Store strings & credentials securely encrypted on your device

    Java 365 58

  4. YesWeScan YesWeScan Public

    A library with a ready to use view controller for document scanning

    Swift 100 31

  5. XS2A-Sandbox XS2A-Sandbox Public

    Open Source PSD2-compatible banking system emulator solution from adorsys

    TypeScript 56 38

  6. datasafe datasafe Public

    Secure, Encrypted and Versioned Data Storage Library

    Java 47 21


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