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Identity and Access Management for Modern Applications, Services and APIs
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Open Source Identity and Access Management for modern Applications and Services.

For more information about Keycloak visit Keycloak homepage and Keycloak blog.


Ensure you have JDK 8 (or newer), Maven 3.2.1 (or newer) and Git installed

java -version
mvn -version
git --version

First clone the Keycloak repository:

git clone
cd keycloak

To build Keycloak run:

mvn install

This will build all modules and run the testsuite.

To build the distribution run:

mvn install -Pdistribution

Once completed you will find distribution archives in distribution.

Starting Keycloak

To start Keycloak during development first build as specficied above, then run:

mvn -f testsuite/integration/pom.xml exec:java -Pkeycloak-server 

To start Keycloak from the appliance distribution first build the distribution it as specified above, then run:

tar xfz distribution/appliance-dist/target/keycloak-appliance-dist-all-<VERSION>.tar.gz
cd keycloak-appliance-dist-all-<VERSION>/keycloak

To stop the server press Ctrl + C.

Help and Documentation

  • Documentation - User Guide, Admin REST API and Javadocs
  • User Mailing List - Mailing list to ask for help and general questions about Keycloak
  • JIRA - Issue tracker for bugs and feature requests


  • Developer documentation
    • Hacking on Keycloak - How to become a Keycloak contributor
    • Testsuite - Details about testsuite, but also how to quickly run Keycloak during development and a few test tools (OTP generation, LDAP server, Mail server)
    • Database Testing - How to do testing of Keycloak on different databases
    • Updating Database - How to change the Keycloak database
  • Developer Mailing List - Mailing list to discuss development of Keycloak


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