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stryju commented Jul 6, 2011


I tried to achieve a combo of two sources - one predefined and one remote.

I've set the data attribute to the local variable and update it from time to time (+triggering attribute data change).
Problem: sometimes it tries to get the default url ( like /search?q=... ) + the list won't get updated the moment it t gets changed by

triggering search() didn't help either...

any ideas?

agarzola commented Jul 6, 2011

Hi, stryju. Mind posting a link to a live implementation showing the problem you’re having? It would help me understand the problem you’re having. Thanks!

stryju commented Jul 6, 2011

can't really do that, tho i can describe it a bit more precise:

var dataA = [...];

$input.bind(event_for_keys, function(){
// here i get the values from external source, like php or so
// and update the dataA
$input.setOptions({data:dataA}); // now it would be nice to trigger the list update, because it is not triggerend somehow...

hope u got enought info :)

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