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⚠️ No longer actively maintained. In case there will be a higher demand and more known bugs in the future, I will be happy to continue improving this project. But as for now its stable and can be used in any sort of project. In case you face any problem feel free open an issue.

❓ If you've any questions, don't hesitate to start a discussion.


πŸŽ‡ Global State and Logic Library

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How to create a State?

// -- core.js ------------------------------------------

// 1️⃣ Create State with the initial value "Hello Friend!"
const MY_FIRST_STATE = createState("Hello Friend!");

// -- MyComponent.whatever ------------------------------------------

// 2️⃣ Bind initialized State to the desired UI-Component.
// And wolla, the Component is reactive. 
// Everytime the State mutates the Component re-renders.
const myFirstState = useAgile(MY_FIRST_STATE);
console.log(myFirstState); // Returns "Hello Friend!"

Want to learn how to implement AgileTs in your preferred UI-Framework? Check out our Quick Start Guides.

⛳️ Sandbox

Test AgileTs yourself in a codesandbox. It's only one click away. Just select your preferred Framework below.

More examples can be found in the Example section.

Why should I use AgileTs?

AgileTs is an atom based global State and Logic Library implemented in Typescript. It offers a reimagined API that focuses on developer experience and allows you to easily and flexible manage your application States. Besides States, AgileTs offers some other powerful APIs that make your life easier, such as Collections and Computed States. The philosophy behind AgileTs is simple:

πŸš… Straightforward

Write minimalistic, boilerplate-free code that captures your intent.

// Create State with the inital value 'frank'
const MY_STATE = createState('frank');

// Update the State value from 'frank' to 'jeff'

// Undo the latest State value change

// Reset the State value to its initial value

// Permanently store the State value in an external Storage

πŸ€Έβ€ Flexible

  • Works in nearly any UI-Framework (currently supported are React, React-Native and Vue).
  • Surly behaves with the workflow that suits you best. No need for reducers, actions, ..
  • Has 0 external dependencies.

⛳️ Centralize

AgileTs is designed to take all business logic out of the UI-Components and put them in a central place, often called core. The advantage of keeping logic separate to UI-Components, is that your code is more decoupled, portable, scalable, and above all, easily testable.

You can learn more about ways to centralize your application logic with AgileTs in our Style Guides.

🎯 Easy to Use

Learn the powerful tools of AgileTs in a short period of time. An excellent place to start are our Quick Start Guides, or if you don't like to follow tutorials, you can jump straight into the Example section.


In order to use AgileTs in a UI-Framework, we need to install two packages.

  • The core package contains the State Management Logic of AgileTs and therefore provides powerful classes like the State Class.

    npm install @agile-ts/core
  • A fitting Integration for the UI-Framework of your choice, on the other hand, is an interface to the actual UI and provides useful functionalities to bind States to UI-Components for reactivity. I prefer React, so let's go with the React Integration for now.

    npm install @agile-ts/react


Does AgileTs sound interesting to you? Take a look at our documentation, to learn more about its functionalities and capabilities. If you have any further questions, feel free to join our Community Discord. We will be happy to help you.


Get a part of AgileTs and start contributing. We welcome any meaningful contribution. πŸ˜€ To find out more about contributing, check out the


β™₯️ Contributors

Become a contributor

Packages of Agile

Name Latest Version Description
@agile-ts/core badge State Manager Logic
@agile-ts/react badge React Integration
@agile-ts/vue badge Vue Integration
@agile-ts/api badge Promise based API
@agile-ts/multieditor badge Simple Form Manager
@agile-ts/event badge Handy class for emitting UI Events
@agile-ts/logger badge Logging API of AgileTs
@agile-ts/utils badge Utilities of AgileTs
@agile-ts/proxytree badge Proxy Tree for tracking accessed properties


AgileTs is inspired by MVVM Libraries like MobX and PulseJs.

πŸ• Time spent building this project