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Genetic Engine


A hybrid between strongly-typed (STGP) and grammar-guided genetic programming (GGGP).

About GeneticEngine

GeneticEngine is a Genetic Programming framework for single- and multi-objective optimization. GeneticEngine allows the user to provide domain knowledge about the shape of the solution (using type annotations) and by defining the fitness function.


class MyExpr(ABC):
	def eval(self):

class Plus(MyExpr):
	left: MyExpr
	right: MyExpr

	def eval(self):
		return self.left.eval() + self.right.eval()

class Literal(MyExpr):
	value: int

	def eval(self):
		return self.value

In this small example, we are defining the language that supports the plus operator and integer literals. GeneticEngine will be able to automatically generate all possible expressions, such as Plus(left=Plus(left=Literal(12), right=Literal(12)), right=Literal(15)), and guide the search towards your goal (e.g., lambda x: abs(x-2022)). For this very simple toy problem, it will find an expression that computes 2022, ideally as small as possible. And this is a very uninteresting example. But if you introduce variables into the mix, you have a very powerful symbolic regression toolkit for arbitrariy complex expressions.


After cloning the repo, please run source to install virtualenv, all dependencies and setup all pre-commit hooks.

Pull Requests are more than welcome!


GeneticEngine has been developed at LASIGE, University of Lisbon by:


This work was supported by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) through:

  • the LASIGE Research Unit (ref. UIDB/00408/2020 and UIDP/00408/2020)
  • Pedro Barbosa PhD fellowship (SFRH/BD/137062/2018)
  • Guilherme Espada PhD fellowship (UI/BD/151179/2021)
  • Paulo Santos CMU|Portugal PhD fellowship (SFRH/BD/151469/2021)
  • the CMU|Portugal CAMELOT project (LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-045915)
  • the FCT Exploratory project RAP (EXPL/CCI-COM/1306/2021)
  • the FCT Advanced Computing projects (CPCA/A1/395424/2021, CPCA/A1/5613/2020, CPCA/A2/6009/2020)


Please cite as:

Espada, Guilherme, et al. "Data types as a more ergonomic frontend for Grammar-Guided Genetic Programming.", GPCE '22: Concepts and Experiences, 2022


  author={Guilherme Espada and Leon Ingelse and Paulo Canelas and Pedro Barbosa and Alcides Fonseca},
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A Hybrid between Grammar-Guided and Strongly-Typed Genetic Programming in Python