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Script to import Todoist task to Bear as notes with checklists
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Small Swift script that imports tasks from Todoist into Bear as notes with checklists.


First, export your tasks from Todoist with Export for Todoist in JSON format.

Then run the script passing the path to the JSON file:

./todoistbear.swift /Users/user/Downloads/todoist-2.json 

You will then be prompted for each Project found:

  1. Display project?

You can say "no" to skip this project. It's useful if you already run the script and the project is already in Bear, or you just don't want to import this one.

  1. Add to Bear?

Answer "yes" to conitnue the process of adding this project to Bear.

  1. Use TODO list style?

Answering "yes" will format the task list as a checklist, so it will use - [ ] markdown format.

Answering "no" will format the task list as a simple unordered list, so it will use - .

After this you will see how Bear is opened and a new Note is added with a list of yout tasks from Todoist. 🎉

Format details

The script has the option to make the notes with unordered lists or checklist.

It will create a single note per Project. Sub-projects are added in the same note separated by headers.

Subtasks are indented below its parent task to reflect the hierarchy.



Alejandro Martinez | | @alexito4

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