Pyfilesystem2 over SSH using paramiko
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Install directly from PyPI, using pip

pip install fs.sshfs



Use fs.open_fs to open a filesystem with an SSH FS URL:

import fs
my_fs = fs.open_fs("ssh://[user[:password]@]host[:port]/[directory]")

The following URL parameters are supported: timeout, keepalive.


For a more granular way of connecting to an SSH server, use the fs.sshfs.SSHFS constructor, which signature is:

from fs.sshfs import SSHFS
my_fs = SSHFS(
  host, user=None, paswd=None, pkey=None, timeout=10, port=22,
  keepalive=10, compress=False, config_path='~/.ssh/config'

with each argument explained below:

the name or IP address of the SSH server
the username to connect with, defaults to the current user.
an optional password, used to connect directly to the server or to decrypt the public key, if any given.
a paramiko.PKey object, a path, or a list of paths to an SSH key.
the timeout, in seconds, for networking operations.
the port the SSH server is listening on.
the interval of time between keepalive packets, in seconds. Set to 0 to disable.
set to True to compress the communications with the server
the path to an OpenSSH configuration file.

Additional keyword arguments will be passed to the underlying connection call, taking precedence over implicitly derived arguments. Once created, the SSHFS filesystem behaves like any other filesystem (see the Pyfilesystem2 documentation).


SSHFS are aware of SSH config files and as such, one of the hosts in the configuration file can be provided as the host argument for the filesystem to connect to the server with the proper configuration values.


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