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The basic ideas (implementation in progress):

- The API for JFunk should stay as simple as possible, no Enumerables.filterSet, Enumerables.filterList, etc. there should be one Enumerables.filter. Try to avoid the combinatorial explosion with many Java collection classes.

- Type conversions of the result to the desired collection type should happen by default to the most sensible type (ArrayList for Enumerables), if another type is desired, then it should be explicitly specified during the function invocation. For details, see the implementation of Enumerables.map

- Functions in Enumerables are the most generic ones, 'map', 'reduce' etc. Everything that can be applied to a Collection. Functions in Sets should be specific to sets: Set contains the right functions if no function from Sets can be physically moved to another class like Enumerables. The same goes for Maps and Iterators.

- Java generics are terrible and too restrictive. So the library tries to silent the compiler as much as possible and gives more control to the programmer. Be careful with types that you expect from the methods.

- No unnecessary compiler warnings should be generated by the API of the library in the code that uses it in the normal way. For example: calls to the library functions in the tests in src/test/java produce no warnings.