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Collection of git hooks for Terraform to be used with pre-commit framework

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How to install

1. Install dependencies

  • pre-commit
  • terraform-docs required for terraform_docs hooks. GNU awk is required if using terraform-docs older than 0.8.0 with Terraform 0.12.
  • TFLint required for terraform_tflint hook.
  • TFSec required for terraform_tfsec hook.
  • coreutils required for terraform_validate hook on macOS (due to use of realpath).
brew tap liamg/tfsec
brew install pre-commit gawk terraform-docs tflint tfsec coreutils
sudo apt install python3-pip gawk &&\
pip3 install pre-commit
curl -L "$(curl -s | grep -o -E "https://.+?-linux-amd64")" > terraform-docs && chmod +x terraform-docs && sudo mv terraform-docs /usr/bin/
curl -L "$(curl -s | grep -o -E "https://.+?")" > && unzip && rm && sudo mv tflint /usr/bin/
env GO111MODULE=on go get -u

2. Install the pre-commit hook globally

git config --global init.templateDir ${DIR}
pre-commit init-templatedir -t pre-commit ${DIR}

3. Add configs and hooks

Step into the repository you want to have the pre-commit hooks installed and run:

git init
cat <<EOF > .pre-commit-config.yaml
- repo: git://
  rev: <VERSION> # Get the latest from:
    - id: terraform_fmt
    - id: terraform_docs

4. Run

After pre-commit hook has been installed you can run it manually on all files in the repository

pre-commit run -a

Available Hooks

There are several pre-commit hooks to keep Terraform configurations (both *.tf and *.tfvars) and Terragrunt configurations (*.hcl) in a good shape:

Hook name Description
terraform_fmt Rewrites all Terraform configuration files to a canonical format.
terraform_validate Validates all Terraform configuration files.
terraform_docs Inserts input and output documentation into Recommended.
terraform_docs_without_aggregate_type_defaults Inserts input and output documentation into without aggregate type defaults.
terraform_docs_replace Runs terraform-docs and pipes the output directly to
terraform_tflint Validates all Terraform configuration files with TFLint.
terragrunt_fmt Rewrites all Terragrunt configuration files (*.hcl) to a canonical format.
terraform_tfsec TFSec static analysis of terraform templates to spot potential security issues.

Check the source file to know arguments used for each hook.

Notes about terraform_docs hooks

  1. terraform_docs and terraform_docs_without_aggregate_type_defaults will insert/update documentation generated by terraform-docs framed by markers:


if they are present in

  1. terraform_docs_replace replaces the entire rather than doing string replacement between markers. Put your additional documentation at the top of your for it to be pulled in. The optional --dest argument lets you change the name of the file that gets created/modified.

    1. Example:
      - id: terraform_docs_replace
        args: ['--with-aggregate-type-defaults', '--sort-inputs-by-required', '']
  2. It is possible to pass additional arguments to shell scripts when using terraform_docs and terraform_docs_without_aggregate_type_defaults. Send pull-request with the new hook if there is something missing.

Notes about terraform_tflint hooks

  1. terraform_tflint supports custom arguments so you can enable module inspection, deep check mode etc.

    1. Example:
      - id: terraform_tflint
        args: ['args=--deep']

    In order to pass multiple args, try the following:

     - id: terraform_tflint
          - 'args=--deep'
          - 'args=--enable-rule=terraform_documented_variables'

Notes about terraform_tfsec hooks

  1. terraform_tfsec will recurse all directories/modules.
  2. To ignore specific warnings, follow the convention from the documentation.
    1. Example:
    resource "aws_security_group_rule" "my-rule" {
        type = "ingress"
        cidr_blocks = [""] #tfsec:ignore:AWS006

Notes for developers

  1. Python hooks are supported now too. All you have to do is:
    1. add a line to the console_scripts array in entry_points in
    2. Put your python script in the pre_commit_hooks folder

Enjoy the clean and documented code!


This repository is managed by Anton Babenko with help from these awesome contributors.


MIT licensed. See LICENSE for full details.

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