pre-commit git hooks to take care of Terraform configurations
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pre-commit-terraform hook

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Several pre-commit hooks to keep Terraform configurations (both *.tf and *.tfvars) in a good shape:

  • terraform_fmt - Rewrites all Terraform configuration files to a canonical format.
  • terraform_validate_no_variables - Validates all Terraform configuration files without checking whether all required variables were set.
  • terraform_validate_with_variables - Validates all Terraform configuration files and checks whether all required variables were specified.
  • terraform_docs - Inserts input and output documentation into

Notes about hooks

  1. terraform_validate_no_variables and terraform_validate_with_variables will not work if variables are being set dynamically (eg, when using Terragrunt). Use terragrunt validate command instead.

  2. terraform_docs will insert/update documentation generated by terraform-docs between markers - <!-- BEGINNING OF PRE-COMMIT-TERRAFORM DOCS HOOK --> and <!-- END OF PRE-COMMIT-TERRAFORM DOCS HOOK --> if they are present in Make sure that terraform-docs is installed.



- repo: git://
  rev: v1.7.3
    - id: terraform_fmt
    - id: terraform_docs

Enjoy the clean and documented code!