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Since version 1.1.0, Keka is sandboxed. This is a requirement to be part of the App Store and an increase in security for the user.

Disk access

To be able to work as integrated as before, Keka will ask for file access so it can:

  • Create temporary folders for the extractions in progress
  • Create parted files
  • Open parted files just dropping one volume
  • Compress a file next to it without any save panel
  • Extract the contents of a compressed file next to it without any save panel

When Keka has no file access at all, for example on the first launch, will ask for it suggesting some recommendations:

  • You can click on the suggested "Give home access" button and a panel with your user home folder selected will open.

  • You can also click on "Customize", and the File Access panel from the Keka Preferences will open. There you can personalize the access as you will, using the bottom list. Just click on the plus "+" button to add the folders you want Keka to have access. Multiple folders can be set (and removed) there anytime. There're also some optional recommendations:

    • Enable external volumes access: Keka will have access in all external devices.
    • Enable home folder access: Keka will have access to your personal home folder.
    • Enable full Mac access: manually select your Mac disk in case you want Keka to be functional with all the system files.

If you try to make an operation where Keka has no file access yet, another alert will prompt:

  • You can click on "Give access" and a panel with the recommended folder selected will open. For example if you open a compressed file that is laying on the Desktop, Keka will ask access to the home folder.

  • You can also click on "Just folder access" to give Keka access to the parent folder of the operation. For example if you open a compressed file that is laying on the Desktop, Keka will ask access to the Desktop folder.

  • You can also click "Cancel" and go to the File Access panel on the Keka Preferences to customize the access.

Remove disk access

Keka will remember the file access you've set so it doesn't need to ask for it each time. You can remove it anytime in the File Access panel, on the Keka Preferences. Just click on the list the folder you want to revoke access to Keka and click on the minus "-" button. Restarting Keka might me necessary for this access to be fully applied.

Network access

Keka does not require and thus has no network access.

If you use the WEB version, Keka uses Sparkle for the update process. It has an integrated XPC service that requires and has (outgoing) network access, located at:

Other access

No other access is enabled in Keka, so it does NOT have access to:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • USB
  • Printing
  • Bluetooth
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Calendar

And other that might be enabled by Apple. Just plain file access.

Not sandboxed version

To keep things easy, both WEB and MAS versions will be sandboxed. This will reduce segmentation and help focus on a development that works anywhere and is more future proof.

Some development releases may be not sandboxed if needed.

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