Apache Royale Source Code Repositories

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Apache Royale is composed of the following repositories.

Royale Compiler

The Compiler is designed to transpile MXML and ActionScript to JavaScript and potentially other output definitions. We are working on other possible outputs like WebAssembly or SWF, and many others could be as well added.


Royale Typedefs

Typedefs are SWC files designed to allow type-checking for application development. They contain the type definitions in ActionScript, but none of the actual implementation of the Javascript code.


Royale ASJS (Framework)

ASJS Framework is a collection of SWC files which can be used to make application development easier. This includes core language features in ActionScript which do not exist in Javascript, abstractions of HTML elements, component sets and more.


Royale TourJS

TourJS is a repository with code examples of all Apache Royale functionality and its corresponding running versions.


Royale Docs

Docs are the repository that holds and maintain the documentation for Apache Royale.


Royale Website

Website holds the Apache Royale official website shown at http://royale.apache.org


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