Visual Studio Code

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  • Download and install Visual Studio Code

  • Install Josh Tynjala's asconfigc, a command line utility for compiling AS/MXML projects (as of version 0.9.0 this step is optional as asconfigc is now included in the extension.)

  • Install the AS/MXML VSCode Extension by the same author. (Searching within VS Code is the easiest way to do this.)

  • Select a workspace in VSCode

  • Select SDK for workspace

  • Set up project: (Note: Yeoman can be used to automate this step.) The linked project is no longer active and was created for FlexJS. It should be easy to make it compatible with Royale.

    + -- src
    |    |
    |    \ -- HelloRoyale.mxml
    + -- asconfig.json
    • in 'asconfig.json':

          "compilerOptions": {
          "source-map": true,
      	    "targets": [
          "files": [
    • in 'src/HelloRoyale.mxml'

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <js:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:js="library://">
      			<js:Label text="Hello World" x="100" y="100"/>
  • Select Tasks > Run Build Task... to build (or equivalent shortcut).

  • Open bin/js-debug/index.html or bin/js-release/index.html in your browser and you should see "Hello World".

For instructions on more integrated debugging, please refer to the extension documentation for Chrome, Firefox or Node JS.

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