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Avare Aviation GPS for Android
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Avare Aviation GPS for Android.

Download from the Google Play Store:

Avare provides offline moving map on all FAA charts (VFR Sectional, IFR lo/hi enroute, Approach Plate, WAC & TAC); plus A/FD info, Airport Diagrams w/GPS Taxi, and Terminal Procedures.

Also included: GPS status, Terrain/Elevation Maps, 50 Nearest airports, Obstacles, and more. Some FAA Charts cover Puerto Rico, plus parts of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Canadian topo moving maps and unofficial airport info are also now available and volunteers may add other countries.

Avare Advantages and Features:

  • Made by & for pilots
  • Easy to learn & use
  • Quick & responsive
  • All free FAA materials & more
  • Runs on most Android devices
  • No ads or invasive permissions

More Features:

  • Type in any address or coordinates.
  • METAR & TAF (Internet fetch).
  • ADSB NEXRAD, METAR, TAF, PIREP, Winds (free AddOn apps).
  • Graphic & text TFRs (Internet fetch).
  • Terrain maps & Canada topo, MSL & AGL display.
  • External GPS, autopilot and flite sim (free AddOn apps).
  • Obstacles: Any over 500' AGL within 200' of GPS altitude.
  • Frequencies, runways, fuel availability, & other A/FD info.
  • 13000+ Geo. referenced approach plates and taxi diagrams
  • Landscape or Portrait display Preference, North Up or Track Up (NU/TU).
  • Draw notes directly on-screen, or Pan freely around charts (Draw/Pan).
  • Press any two points on chart for approximate distance between them.
  • Location icon can be centered or track from your placement on screen.
  • GPS compass direction, Bearing, and Distance to and FROM any point on the map by long-pressing one finger on that point. Great for your ATC and CTAF radio calls.
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