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Dialog-boxes development area for GSoC-2017 project - Convert XUL to HTML

Project URL

Project Description

Lightning(Thunderbird calendar addon) has traditionally been using XUL for its user interface. To modernize, I will be converting User Interface of some dialogs into React. The new components will be using web standards as much as possible, avoiding extensive use of third party libraries. I will be using React.js for developing HTML. React.js is very good for making reusable web components and it is quite efficient as well. Unlike XUL, debugging is very easy with react.js. More info about this project can be found in my proposal and wiki.

Get Started

NOTE: This project should be viewed ONLY IN FIREFOX BROWSER because it uses firefox platform css.

  1. Clone the repository:
  2. Install Yarn globally: npm install -g yarn
  3. Install dependencies: yarn install
  4. Start server: yarn start
  5. Convert components to vanilla js(no-jsx): yarn build. All the components within src directory structure will be present in dist directory. These components will be in vanilla js instead of jsx.
  6. Write/Change Code: Install prettier and eslint extentions in your code editor to make sure you don't have lint errors. The build command runs a bash shell file so also make sure you are running build command on a bash shell.

Problems and Issues

Feel free to open an issue to get info about any component or anything else.


Thanks to BrowserStack for providing free open source plans.