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QED Archive


This is an archive of the source code for various versions of the QED editor. It is the result of some discussions on the mailing list of The Unix Historical Society in October of 2018.

It started based on the fact that I have a tarball from 1987 of QED source code which was lacking some documentation. I asked about it on the mailing list.

Members of the list helped out, and also contributed other versions, which I have included here. I thank everyone who contributed to the discussion and who sent me source code tarballs and/or zip files.


The directories are listed here in approximate chronological order of the QED version for which they apply. Each directory has its own file.

  • sds-940: QED for the SDS 930 and 940 systems in the late 1960s.

  • multics: What seems to be the last version of QED for MULTICS.

  • usenix-80-caltech: QED scripts from a 1980 USENIX software distribution tape.

  • unix-1985: My tarball from 1987. The files therein have dates in April 1985.

  • unix-1992: A tarball supplied to me by Rob Pike, one of the original authors of QED for Unix when at the University of Toronto. The files have dates in 1992.

  • visual-studio-1994: A version of Unix QED ported to Visual Studio, circa 1994, supplied by Don Mitchell.

Other Archives

There are other relevant GitHub archives of QED. Since they're already on GitHub, I saw no reason to replicate them here.

Other Notes

I have attempted to use various Git incantations to make the files appear to have the commit dates as recorded in the tarballs and zip files I received, even though they actually predate Git's invention.

Links of Possible Interest

Leah Neukirchen's blog "Remembering The Work of David Tilbrook and the QED Editor".

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