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Asciidoctor Browser Extension

Enjoy AsciiDoc everywhere your browser goes with the Asciidoctor Browser Extension.

The Asciidoctor Browser Extension uses Asciidoctor.js to preview AsciiDoc files (.ad, .adoc, .asc, .asciidoc, and optionally .txt) as HTML inside Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium browsers.

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  1. Install the Extension on your browser using the image links below.

    Image link to the extension in the Chrome webstore.
    Image link to the extension in the Firefox webstore
    Image link to the extension in the Opera webstore
    Image link to the extension in the Microsoft Edge webstore
    You can also search your browser’s Web Store for the Asciidoctor.js Live Preview extension.
  2. To preview local files on Chrome, Edge, Chromium, Brave or Opera browsers, you need to grant filesystem access to the extension:

    1. Type the URL chrome://extensions into the address bar and press Enter

    2. Type asciidoctor into the extension search bar then when the Asciidoctor Browser Extension block is visible, click its Details button

    3. Check Allow access to file URLs

      If the plugin does not view a local file, check the above setting.
  3. You have now installed the extension, and can open local or remote .adoc, .ad, .asc, .asciidoc files in your browser


Next steps

If you want to learn more and explore the capabilities of the Extension, please read the User Manual.


See the CONTRIBUTING.adoc file.


See the changelog.adoc file.

Copyright © 2013-2024 Guillaume Grossetie. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the MIT License.

See the LICENSE file for details.