Creating Graphviz output

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SPADE includes support for sending all the provenance metadata from the SPADE kernel to a single file in Graphviz DOT format.

To do this, add the Graphviz storage before sending provenance metadata (by adding a SPADE reporter):

-> add storage Graphviz outputFilePath=/tmp/
Adding storage Graphviz... done

At this point, any provenance metadata sent will result in corresponding elements in the /tmp/ file. (Note that the file will be overwritten if it already existed.)

To stop further provenance metadata from being sent to the file, the Graphviz storage can be removed:

-> remove storage Graphviz
Shutting down storage Graphviz... done

Assuming Graphviz is installed, the /tmp/ file can be rendered with:

dot -Tsvg -o /tmp/provenance.svg /tmp/

The resulting file /tmp/provenance.svg can be opened with a Web browser:

firefox /tmp/provenance.svg
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