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Maven plugin for interaction with AssertThat BDD Jira plugin.

Main features are:

  • Download feature files before test run
  • Filter features to download based on mode (automated/manual/both), or/and JQL
  • Upload cucumber json after the run to AsserTthat Jira plugin


Full plugin configuration below, optional properties can be omitted

            <!--Jira project id e.g. 10001-->
        <!--Optional can be supplied as environment variable ASSERTTHAT_ACCESS_KEY -->
            <!-- ASSERTTHAT_ACCESS_KEY -->
        <!--Optional can be supplied as environment variable ASSERTTHAT_SECRET_KEY -->
            <!-- ASSERTTHAT_SECRET_KEY -->
        <!-- Used for jira server integration only. If using cloud remove this option-->
                <!--Optional - default ./features-->
                <!--Optional - all features downloaded by default - should be a valid JQL-->
                <jql>project = XX AND key in ('XXX-1')</jql>
                <!--Optional - default automated (can be one of: manual/automated/both)-->
                <!--Optional - tag expression filter for scenarios. More on tag expressions>
                <tags>(@smoke or @ui) and (not @slow)</tags>
                <!--Optional - prepend ordinal to feature name (default is true)-->                
                <!--Optional - default ./report-->
                <!--Optional - default - **/*.json -->
                <!--Optional - default cucumber (can be one of: cucumber/karate)-->
                <!--Optional - default 'Test run Test run dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss'-->
                <runName>Custom test run name</runName>
                <!--Optional - Run metadata -->
               <metadata>{"env ":"uat ","build":"456"}</metadata>
                <!--Optional - all Jira tickets will be updated with test results by default; when JQL is provided only filtered tickets will be updated -->
                <jql>project = XX AND key in ('XXX-1')</jql>


We recommend ruuning cucumber tests on integration-test phase as

  • download features is running on pre-integration-test phase
  • report submission on post-integration-test

Example project

Refer to example project assertthat-bdd-maven-example