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AP Python Cookiecutter

This is a project template powered by Cookiecutter for use with datakit-project.


├── analysis
│   └── archive
├── data
│   ├── documentation
│   ├── html_reports
│   ├── manual
│   ├── processed
│   ├── public
│   └── source
├── etl
├── publish
└── scratch
    • Project-specific readme with boilerplate for data projects.
  • analysis
    • This is where we keep all of our jupyter ipython notebooks that contain analysis for the project.
      • Notebooks in this folder can ingest data from either data/source (if that data comes from the source in a workable format) or data/processed (if the data required some prep).
      • Dataframes from analysis notebooks should be written out to data/processed
    • analysis/archive: Notebooks that leave the scope of the project but should also remain in the project history will be placed here.
  • data
    • This is the directory used with our datakit-data plugin.
    • data/documentation
      • Documentation on data files should go here - data dictionaries, manuals, interview notes.
    • data/html_reports
      • Contains rendered html of our analysis notebooks, the results of calling jupyter nbconvert on a notebook.
    • data/manual
      • Contains data that has been manually altered (e.g. excel workbooks with inconsistent string errors requiring eyes on every row).
    • data/processed
      • Contains data that has either been transformed from an etl script or output from an analysis jupyter notebook.
      • Data that has been transformed from an etl script will follow a naming convention: etl_{file_name}.[csv,json...]
    • data/public
      • Public-facing data files go here - data files which are 'live'.
    • data/source: contains raw, untouched data.
  • etl
    • This is where we keep python scripts involved with collecting data and prepping it for analysis.
    • These files should be scripts, they should not be jupyter notebooks.
  • publish
    • This directory holds all the documents in the project that will be public facing (e.g. documents).
  • scratch
    • This directory contains output that will not be used in the project in its final form.
    • Common cases are filtered tables or quick visualizations for reporters
    • This directory is not git tracked.

Our .gitignore






These steps assume configuration for datakit-project are complete.

  • If you'd like to keep a local version of this template on your computer, git clone this repository to where your cookiecutters live:
cd path/to/.cookiecutters
git clone
  • Now, when starting a new project with datakit-project, reference the cookiecutter in your filesystem
datakit project create --template path/to/.cookiecutters/cookiecutter-python-project`

If you'd like to avoid specifying the template each time, you can edit ~/.datakit/plugins/datakit-project/config.json to use this template by default:

 {"default_template": "/path/to/.cookiecutters/cookiecutter-python-project"}


You can set the default name, email, etc. for a project in the cookiecutter.json file.

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