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Basecamp Next to Codebase Importer

This script will import your discussions from Basecamp Next to Codebase.


This importer relies on the new Basecamp API, documented here: Therefore, this importer will only work with a Basecamp Next account.

Tested on Ruby 1.9.2p290. Requires JSON and Hpricot gems. To install run:

gem install json
gem install hpricot


You should have all users involved in your discussions created in Codebase prior to running this script. The importer will attempt to make a match between users based upon their primary email addresses. If no match is found for that user, the name will still be copied correctly, but there will be no link to that user, and entries will show up as "Unknown Entity" in your Codebase activity feed.

Edit the script and enter your Basecamp and Codebase credentials in the appropriate constants.

Execute bcx_importer.rb:

ruby -rubygems bcx_importer.rb


Please feel free to improve this script to include new functionality (such as converting Basecamp todos to Codebase tickets) or bugfixes. Just submit a pull request when you're done.