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aTech Log Server

This simple service will run a centralised log server which can receive messages over UDP from applications and store them in a file.


  • You must have Ruby install on your host (1.8.7 or 1.9.3 are currently supported)
  • An internet connection

Installing & running the log server

git clone https://github.com/atech/log-server.git /opt/log-server
ln -s /opt/log-server/upstart.conf /etc/init/log-server.conf
start log-server

All logs by default are stored in /opt/log-server/logs/app_name/log_name.log.

Sending a log message to the server

The following code outlines how to send a message to the log server. You should replace with the IP address of your installed log server.

app_name  = 'sirportly'
log_name  = 'workers'
message   = "Hello there! This is a test of my log server..."
socket    = UDPSocket.new
data      = [app_name.bytesize, app_name, log_name.bytesize, log_name, message.bytesize, message, 0].pack('nA*nA*nA*n')
socket.send(data, 0, '', 4455)

This works well with our log server IO class which can easily be used with loggers.

logger = Logger.new(Atech::NetworkLogIO.new(:host => '', :app_name => 'demo', :log_name => 'app'))