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  1. scanreader scanreader Public

    Python TIFF Stack Reader for ScanImage 5 scans (including multiROI).

    Python 9 11

  2. FPGAEyeTracker FPGAEyeTracker Public

    FPGA EyeTracker

    LabVIEW 4 4

  3. cov-est cov-est Public

    Covariance estimation library used in "Improved Estimation and Interpretation of Correlations in Neural Circuits."

    MATLAB 4 4

  4. ephys-preprocessing ephys-preprocessing Public

    Pre-processing (LFP extraction, spike detection etc.) for electrophysiology data

    MATLAB 3

  5. neuropixel-pipeline neuropixel-pipeline Public

    Schemata and libraries for ingesting and clustering Neuropixel data

    Python 3 2

  6. atflow atflow Public

    TensorFlow library for Andreas Tolias lab

    Python 2 2


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