File Transfer Protocol Client Server Model
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Project Description:

This project gives an example of a file transfer protocol client server model.


Austin Suarez:
Blake Molina:
Paul Miller:
Hassan Hamod:
Curtis Laudenslayer:

Language Used

Python 3.6.4 was used for the implementation of this project

How to Execute Program

Open two terminal windows, one for client and one for server.
In one window, type python3 <hostname> <port number>
In the other window, type python3 <port number>


ftp> get <file name> (downloads file <file name> from the server)
ftp> put <filename> (uploads file <file name> to the server)
ftp> ls (lists files on the server)
ftp> lls (lists files on the client)
ftp> quit (disconnects from the server and exits)

Note: Extra credit was NOT implemented.