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This command line interface (CLI) tool enables drawing infrastructure diagrams for Amazon Web Services through YAML code. It facilitates diagram-as-code without relying on image libraries.

The CLI tool promotes code reuse, testing, integration, and automating the diagramming process. It allows managing diagrams with Git by writing human-readable YAML.

(generated from the example of PrivateLink)

CLI Usage animation

Getting started

for Gopher (go 1.21 or higher)

$ go install

for macOS user

In preparing.


awsdac <input filename> [flags]

  -c, --cfn-template    [beta] Create diagram from CloudFormation template
  -d, --dac-file        [beta] Generate YAML file in dac (diagram-as-code) format from CloudFormation template
  -h, --help            help for awsdac
  -o, --output string   Output file name (default "output.png")
  -v, --verbose         Enable verbose logging


$ awsdac examples/alb-ec2.yaml
$ awsdac privatelink.yaml -o custom-output.png

Example templates are here. Check out the Introduction Guide as well for additional information.

[Beta] Create a diagram from CloudFormation template

--cfn-template option allows you to generate diagrams from CloudFormation templates, providing a visual representation of the resources. The tool can generate diagrams even if the CloudFormation template is not in a perfect format, enabling you to visualize the resources before actually creating the CloudFormation stack. This means you don't have to strictly adhere to the CloudFormation syntax constraints.

NOTE: The functionality of generating diagrams from CloudFormation templates is currently in beta. It sometimes works correctly, but we are aware of several known issues where the tool might not produce accurate results. We are actively working on improving the tool and fixing these issues.

$ awsdac examples/vpc-subnet-ec2-cfn.yaml --cfn-template

(generated from the example of VPC,Subnet,EC2)

There are some patterns where the tool may not work as expected. You can find a list of known issues and their status on the issue tracker. Your feedback and issue reports are appreciated, as they will help enhance the tool's performance and accuracy.

Use "--dac-file" option

$ awsdac examples/vpc-subnet-ec2-cfn.yaml --cfn-template --dac-file

CloudFormation templates have various dependencies, and there is no simple parent-child relationship between resources. As a result, generating the desired diagram directly from the existing CloudFormation template formats can be challenging at this stage. We considered utilizing Metadata or comments within the CloudFormation templates to include additional information. However, this approach would make the templates excessively long, and CloudFormation templates are primarily intended for resource creation and management rather than diagram generation. Additionally, combining different lifecycle components into a single CloudFormation template could make it difficult to manage and maintain.

Therefore, instead of directly generating diagrams from CloudFormation templates, you can create a separate YAML file from CloudFormation template and customize this YAML file. This customized YAML file can then be used as input for awsdac to generate the desired architecture diagrams. By decoupling the diagram generation process from the CloudFormation template structure, this approach offers greater flexibility and customization while leveraging the specialized strengths of awsdac.

CloudFormation template --[awsdac]--> yaml file in awsdac format --[user custom]--> your desired diagram :)


  • Compliant with AWS architecture guidelines
    Easily generate diagrams that follow AWS diagram guidelines.
  • Flexible
    Automatically adjust the position and size of groups.
  • Lightweight & CI/CD-friendly
    Start quickly on a container; no dependency on headless browser or GUI.
  • Integrate with your Infrastructure as Code
    Generate diagrams to align with your IaC code without managing diagrams manually.
  • As a drawing library
    Use as Golang Library and integrate with other IaC tools, AI, or drawing GUI tools.
  • Extensible
    Add definition files to create non-AWS diagrams as well.

Resource types

See doc/

Resource Link

See doc/


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.