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Full Stack Java Web Application Framework with Java & HTML5
JavaScript HTML CSS Java PHP Smarty
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AXBoot Framework

Full Stack Web Development Framework

preview axboot

preview axboot

preview axboot

What is AXBoot Framework?

Full Stack Web Application Development Framework

AXBoot makes it easy to build web applications with Java & HTML5 Repeatable and noise development process are resolved by AXBoot. Furthermore, AXBoot provides the Layout system, Web UI Components, Prebuilt Common Business Service, so you can concentrate on your business. Develop enterprise web applications fast as never before with AXBoot Framework

Getting Started

AXBoot Demonstration

AXBoot Demonstration Site

AXBoot Initialzr

AXBoot Project Initializer (like Spring Initialzr)

AXBoot Documentation

AXBoot Documentation (now, Korean only)

AXBoot UI Framework

AXBoot UI Framework Documentation (now, English only)

AXBoot User Group

AXBoot Facebook User Group (Q&A or Communication)


Web Application Server
Servlet 3.0+ Spec WAS(Tomcat 7.x+, JBoss EAP 7, Wildfly 8+, WebLogic 12c+, WebSphere 8+, JEUS 7+)
Web Browser Web Server Java
IE9+, Chrome 32+, Opera 2014+, Safari 7+, Firefox 32+ Whatever you want(Nginx, Apache, etc) JDK 1.8.0+
Database Test
H2 1.4+ Tested(Default Embdded)
MySQL 5.5+ Tested
MariaDB 5.5+ Tested
MSSQL will be soon
Oracle will be soon
PostgreSQL will be soon

Required Tools

  • Git (required)
  • Lombok (required)
  • Gulp (required)
  • NPM (required)
  • Local Maven (optional, provided maven wrapper in generated project)


1. FullStack Framework


Framework provides HTML5, Javascript based 17+ HTML5 components (including GRID, Selector, Toast, Calendar.. etc) and layout system.


Back-end Framework provides fast and flexible Java & Spring based web development environment.

AXBoot is the framework that provides A to Z Web Development solutions.

2. Various Layout, Theme

Various Layout

provides 10 most popular layouts used on Web UI. Grid, Selector, and form are built into the layout section, and when a user develops UI based on a given sample format, UI could be completed in as quickly as 10 minutes.


Theme selection allows a user to change look and feel, as well as allowing the user to fine tune specifics of the UI.

3. Developer-friendly

Pure UI Component

No need to add any other dependency to design the Web UI.

Open Architecture

Adapt the platform to your needs with unrestricted access to low level code, wide use of the open inheritance pattern and the unique Extensions feature.

No Restricted Development Environment

Environment, User-Friendly IDE can be used.

4. Productive

Easy to Start

AXBoot Initialzr provides a complete form of Application Source Set and a user can start the server by importing a downloaded IDE then using spring-boot:run command.

Fast CRUD Implementation

A user can easily materialize CRUD Logic with CRUD scaffolding tool.

Quick to Master

provides high quality documentation along with Korean version documents for Korean developers. In addition, the most adequate practices are provided based on case studies, this allows the users to solve problems that may occur during business application development.

5. Enterprise Ready


Easy to Expand in parallel and processing large scale traffic with fine-tuning database pooling, data caching option and resource optimization.

Smart Error Detecting

An up-to-date slow business logic and slow query can be detected and aggregated in Error Log, while aggregated data can be send through email, texting, messenger, Webhook and, etc.


The system has been proven, and its impressive portfolio includes list of large enterprise system usage including:

  • Incheon Airport POS Concession System (Over 1 million times used per day, 25TPS)
  • DAELIM Corporation Global Logistics Management System
  • JTNET Van Administration System
  • Suseo High Speed Railway Concession System

6. Maintainable

Separation of concern

There is clear separation between View and API. HTTP and JSON(RESTful API) are used for transmission, ensuring effective coding expansion and maintenance.

Layered Architecture

By utilizing MVC’s Layer Architecture, role and logic have been cleared defined from layer to layer. That allows a user to expand and fix an error through coding quickly.

Support Dev&Ops

Zero Downtime Deployment has been made possible through Customized Jenkins and Ansible which is fully compatible with AXBoot. This allows the system to quicken the code lifecycle which makes high number of distribution possible.


Project Creation & Build & Run 동영상 보기

UI Framework Introduction 동영상 보기

Theme 동영상 보기


AXBoot Offical Site



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