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Datacenter Hypervisor - Open Source Cloud Computing / IaaS
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Wakame-vdc is a virtual datacenter or an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) suite. Visit the wiki for a more detailed explanation.

System requirements

  • Ruby version: 2.0.0-p598
  • OS: CentOS 6.6

Other versions or operating systems may or may not work.

Quick Start

Install Wakame-vdc on CentOS 6.6

Try Wakame-vdc pre-installed in VirtualBox.

Contact us

The best way to contact us is to send a mail to the Wakame Users Group on Google Groups. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We realise Wakame-vdc is difficult to set up and that our documentation is very limited at this time. If you want to try it out, we'll do our best to help you. There's no such thing as a stupid question.

If you happen to be in Tokyo, you can also attend one of our Wakame Users Group events. They are open to everybody. Further details on


Further details about Wakame-vdc can be found on our wiki.


If you already use this software, please let us know. Thank you.


Special thanks to all contributors for submitting patches. A full list of contributors including their patches can be found at:


Copyright (c) Axsh Co. Components are included distribution under LGPL 3.0 and Apache 2.0

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