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AdBlock is a popular ad blocking extension for Chrome, Opera and Safari, now based on the Adblock Plus code. By leveraging the Adblock Plus build system and dependency management tool this repository is built on top of Adblock Plus and contains only what is necessary for AdBlock's branding and additional functionality.


This repository has the same requirements as the Adblock Plus.


Building the extension

To produce an unsigned build, suitable for uploading to the Chrome Web Store and Opera Add-Ons, run the following command:

./ -t chrome build

This will create a build with a name in the form

Development builds

To simplify the process of testing your changes you can create an unpacked development environment. For that run one of the following commands:

./ devenv -t chrome

This will create a devenv directory in the repository. In Chrome you should load it as an unpacked extension directory. After making changes to the source code re-run the command to update the development environment, the extension should reload automatically after a few seconds.


Our dependency management system is called, it's a small Python script that pulls the project's dependencies and checks out the correct revisions using source control. (Mercurial and Git are supported.)

The project's dependencies are specified in the dependencies file, the format is briefly documented in the script's source code and in the original Trac issue.

The build script ./ automatically triggers the dependencies script but if you need to run it manually for some reason you can do so like this:


Finally it's important to note that although the script is present in this repository, it should not be modified here directly. Instead modifications should be made to the script in the buildtools repository, the copy here can then be updated from there.


This repository leverages the existing Adblock Plus code. You should therefore make improvements to Adblock Plus and other dependencies instead where possible. When not possible you can add functionality by modifying the AdBlock specific meta data files and JavaScript code found in this repository.


The metadata files, for example, are used by the build system to configure and build the extension. Each metadata file consists of sections, under which there are a series of keys and values. Some metadata files are specific to the various platforms, like Chrome or Safari. Other metadata files are used for all platforms.

The metadata files in this repository inherit from the ones contained within the adblockpluschrome and adblockplus dependencies.

  • Options specified in this repository's metadata files will take precedence over options specified in the adblockplus and adblockpluschrome metadata files.
  • The values of options are always strings, however they sometimes are used as space delimited lists. For those cases you can add or remove items with the special += and -= syntax. (You can also use this syntax to append items to inherited values. For example to append the path of an additional background script specific to AdBlock to a list that was inherited from the Adblock Plus metadata files.)

Note: For changes to metadata files to take effect (as with changes to any other files) a new build must first be generated.

Extending functionality

To extend this extension's functionality you can add additional content and background scripts using the metadata files mentioned above. Relevant metadata sections to modify include general.backgroundScripts, contentScripts.document_start, contentScripts.document_end and mapping.

Example content and background scripts have already been added, content.js and background.js respectively, using metadata.adblock. For an example of more advanced usage I recommend taking a look at adblockpluschrome/metadata.common.