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A secure and private communications system, based on the Precursor platform


  1. betrusted-wiki betrusted-wiki Public

    Looking for docs on Precursor/Betrusted? Start here.

    168 6

  2. xous-book xous-book Public

    Documentation on the Xous operating system

    Rust 26 4

  3. xous-core xous-core Public

    The Xous microkernel

    Rust 496 82

  4. betrusted-soc betrusted-soc Public

    Forked from sutajiokousagi/betrusted-soc

    Betrusted main SoC design

    Verilog 133 20

  5. betrusted-ec betrusted-ec Public

    Betrusted embedded controller (UP5K)

    Rust 44 6

  6. betrusted-hardware betrusted-hardware Public

    Hardware design files for Betrusted

    64 14


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