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vim-cpp-modern: Enhanced C and C++ syntax highlighting

Keyword and regex-based syntax highlighting for C and C++11/14/17/20/23 in Vim.

The syntax files provide highlighting of:

  • Common ANSI C keywords
  • C++ Standard Library namespaces, types, helper types, helper template variables, and constants
  • C++11 attributes
  • Latest C++20 language features like coroutines and concepts
  • Function declarations/definitions and function calls (basically all words followed by an opening parenthesis)
  • Optionally a simpler (less colorful) highlighting of standard C and C++ keywords

out Code snippet from cppreference (left: default syntax file, right: this plugin).

Difference to vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight

Both syntax files are based on vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight with the following modifications:

  • The C++ keywords virtual, override, final, inline, explicit and export are standard C++ statements and not types and are therefore highlighted using the highlight group Statement.
  • Highlighting of library functions is purely regex-based.
  • User-defined function templates, class names in declarations, and class scopes are not highlighted. Their regex'es are too complicated and slow, and fail too often.

Optional features

" Disable function highlighting (affects both C and C++ files)
let g:cpp_function_highlight = 0

" Enable highlighting of C++11 attributes
let g:cpp_attributes_highlight = 1

" Highlight struct/class member variables (affects both C and C++ files)
let g:cpp_member_highlight = 1

" Put all standard C and C++ keywords under Vim's highlight group 'Statement'
" (affects both C and C++ files)
let g:cpp_simple_highlight = 1

The last option changes the highlighting of the following keywords:

  • C: static, register, auto, volatile, extern, const, inline, __attribute__, restrict, alignas, alignof, static_assert, noreturn, thread_local, struct, union, enum, case, default
  • C++: class, typename, template, namespace, concept, mutable, constexpr decltype, consteval, constinit


$ cd ~/.vim/pack/git-plugins/start
$ git clone --depth=1

Note: The directory name git-plugins is arbitrary, you can pick any other name. For more details see :help packages.


Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.


Extended Vim syntax highlighting for C and C++ (C++11/14/17/20/23)







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