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This is performance benchmark of popular C++ REST frameworks.

What this repository contains

This repository contains:

  • Code of each sample implementation.
  • Vagrant configuration of virtual machine where to build all samples and run benchmark.
  • Benchmark results.


Code of samples is located in samples folder.

Scenario of each sample is the same:

  1. Client performs GET request to HTTP server.
  2. HTTP server must return JSON array of 10,000 items.

There are several implementations of HTTP server:


Results of benchmark are located in results folder.

Benchmark was done by running ab -n 1000 -c 1 -k <url> (see Apache Benchmark) against each implementation.



Benchmark results for default JSON implementation on Linux

cpprestsdk benchmark results

Benchmark results with RapidJSON on Linux

cpprestsdk benchmark results

(+) Code documentation of cpprestsdk is one of the best amongst all projects that I have ever seen during my 8 years carreer as software developer. Examples are well structured and easy to reproduce.

(+) cpprestsdk has its own implementation of JSON serializer/deserializer, so you don't need to additionally include RapidJSON or other library.

(+) cpprestsdk is included in Ubuntu 16 Xenial official repository, so you can install it easily by running single apt command.

(+) Licensed under MIT.

(-) Worst performance (even worse than PHP) on Linux server. There is opened issue for this problem on project's github (https://github.com/Microsoft/cpprestsdk/issues/468), but it is not solved yet.


restbed benchmark results

(+) Good documentation on design of framework.

(+) Small and easy to use.

(-) No inline code documentation.

(-) Licensed under either AGPL or proprietary license.

(-) Some important features are still missing, e.g. server-side caching and HTTP2 compliance.


pistache benchmark results

(+) Fastest performance.

(+) Small and easy to use.

(+) Licensed under Apache License 2.0.

(-) No inline code documentation.

(-) No comprehensive list of implemented features.

(-) Installation instructions are not present in repository and not obvious to find (you should look on "Getting started" page, not on "User's Guide" FYI).

(-) Unit tests are ill-formed.

PHP native implementation

PHP native implementation benchmark results