A flexible level editor
bjorn Fixed disappearing of tile type on export/import
When exporting or importing a tileset, or when enabling any export
options that affect the tileset, the tileset is cloned. In the process
of cloning however, the tile types were not getting copied over.

See also change 8494cd6. Maybe there is
a way to avoid making such errors so easily?

Closes #2023
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Tiled Map Editor - http://www.mapeditor.org/

About Tiled

Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor for all tile-based games, such as RPGs, platformers or Breakout clones.

Tiled is highly flexible. It can be used to create maps of any size, with no restrictions on tile size, or the number of layers or tiles that can be used. Maps, layers, tiles, and objects can all be assigned arbitrary properties. Tiled's map format (TMX) is easy to understand and allows multiple tilesets to be used in any map. Tilesets can be modified at any time.

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About the Qt Version

Tiled was originally written in Java. In 2008, work began to develop a faster, better looking, and easier-to-use version of Tiled based on the Qt framework. This decision was made as the Qt framework has a greater feature set than is offered by the standard Java libraries.


Before you can compile Tiled, you must ensure the Qt (>= 5.6) development libraries have been installed:

  • On Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools zlib1g-dev
  • On Fedora: sudo dnf builddep tiled
  • On Arch Linux: pacman -S qt
  • On Mac OS X with Homebrew:
    • brew install qt5
    • brew link qt5 --force
  • Alternatively, you can download Qt here

Next, compile by running:

$ qmake (or qmake-qt5 on some systems)
$ make

To perform a shadow build, run qmake from a different directory and refer it to tiled.pro. For example:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ qmake ../tiled.pro
$ make

You can now run Tiled using the executable in bin/tiled.


To install Tiled, run make install from the terminal. By default, Tiled will install itself to /usr/local.

The installation prefix can be changed when running qmake, or by changing the install root when running make install. For example, to use an installation prefix of /usr instead of /usr/local:

$ qmake -r PREFIX=/usr

Note: The -r recursive flag is required if you've run qmake before, as this command will affect nested pro files)

To install Tiled to a packaging directory:

$ make install INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/tiled-pkg

By default, Tiled and its plugins are compiled with an Rpath that allows them to find the shared libtiled library immediately after being compiled. When packaging a Tiled map for distribution, the Rpath should be disabled by appending RPATH=no to the qmake command.