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#FreeGEOS source codes. The offical home of the PC/GEOS operating system technology. For personal computing fans. For all developers and assembly lovers. For YOU!
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This repository is the offical place to hold all the source codes around the PC/GEOS graphical user interface and its sophisticated applications. It is the source to build SDK and release version of PC/GEOS. It is the place to collaborate on further developments.

The basement of this repository is the source code used to build Breadbox Ensemble 4.13 reduced by some modules identified as critical in regard to the license choosen for the repository.

How to build?

Install WATCOM

  • Unzip WATCOM tools from the latest release-zip for instance to C:\WATCOM-V2
  • add C:\WATCOM-V2\binnt to your system path variable
  • add WATCOM env variable: WATCOM=c:\WATCOM-V2

Document is work in progress.... stay tuned!


We are on for more efficient collaboration. If you are a collaborator by issuing a pull request and you are registered at for MyGEOS you will be invited to join us. Welcome!

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