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What is Boost.Test?

Boost.Test is a C++03 and C++11/14 unit testing library, available on a wide range of platforms and compilers.

The library is part of Boost. The latest release of the library is available from the boost web site.

Full instructions for use of this library can be accessed from

Key features

  • Easy to get started with:
    1. download and deflate the latest boost archive
    2. create a test module with this (header version):
      #define BOOST_TEST_MODULE your_test_module
      #include <boost/test/included/unit_test.hpp>
    3. done
  • powerful and unique test assertion macro BOOST_TEST, that understands floating points, collections, strings... and uses appropriate comparison paradigm
  • self-registering test cases, organize cases in test suites, apply fixtures on test cases, suites or globally
  • provide assertion context for advanced diagnostic on failure
  • powerful and extensible dataset tests
  • add decoration to test cases and suites for advanced description, group/label, and dependencies
  • powerful command line options and test case filters
  • extensible logging, XML and JUNIT outputs for third-party tools (eg. cont. integration)
  • various usage (shared/static library) for faster compilation/build cycles, smaller binaries

Copyright and license

Copyright 2001-2014, Gennadiy Rozental.
Copyright 2013-2018, Boost.Test team.

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (Get a copy at


Please read this document to get started.