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@technosophos technosophos released this Jan 11, 2018 · 767 commits to master since this release

The Brigade community is working hard, and this release shows it! A dozen individuals contributed over 40 changes to this release. Thank you!

We encourage users to migrate to this version, especially if using the GitHub gateway.

As always, we welcome you to join the conversation in the Kubernetes Slack #brigade room.

Breaking Changes

  • brigade-vacuum is a new component that, if installed, will clean up old Brigade builds. By default, every hour the Brigade Vacuum will run and remove builds older than 30 days. You can configure the periodicity and interval to your liking. If you leave this enabled, old Brigade builds (pod and secret) will be removed after the given interval.
  • In a first of several security steps, the GitHub gateway no longer defaults to building PRs from remote repositories. You can turn this off on a project-by-project basis. You can override this in your project config. In the next release, we will be working toward support for Author Associations.
  • Brigade no longer runs the after event when no other event is triggered. after will only fire if the worker first executes some other event.
  • We have added support for many new GitHub webhooks, which means that if you check the "send me everything" box on the GitHub webhook configuration, you will get a lot of worker invocations.


During our pre-1.0 cycle, we will continue to fix bugs and add new features. While we try to keep compatibility breaking changes to a minimum, we know that our next release will have a few naming changes as we work on improving consistency.

Thank you sincerely for your thoughtful input in the issue queue and in slack! We are excited that here in this pre-1.0 cycle we can still make big changes to help the community take on big challenges.


  • fix(brig): don't trim short git references 4dc3dc6 (Matt Butcher)
  • fix(chart): fix ingress name and app label. 3fb4bf7 (Matt Butcher)
  • Feedbacks on README for the brig command 0d511bb (KUOKA Yusuke)
  • feat(brig): add -c/--commit flag to brig run 549ed9b (Matt Butcher)
  • add more example projects 9c64127 (lukepatrick)
  • docs(scripting): add advanced events section fae58ff (Matt Butcher)
  • fix(cr-gateway): support branch names with slashes a69b026 (Matt Butcher)
  • fix(worker): fix the PVC name requested by the job 8a47001 (Matt Butcher)
  • docs(gateways): add doc on creating Brigade gateways 64e921e (Matt Butcher)
  • Correct brigade_project#values.yml secrets a78e960 (Ben Limmer)
  • Update c38e4f0 (Ben Limmer)
  • Fix markdown for Kashti link. 4fc4287 (Matt Hillsdon)
  • fix(gw/api): undo inversion, misunderstood sean is misunderstood 1b72708 (Sean Knox)
  • fix(api): ensure overwriting api port takes effect in api binary d85d29c (Sean Knox)
  • fix(gateway): ensure overwriting gateway port takes effect in gateway binary f8a0672 (Sean Knox)
  • fix(gateway): skip executing on branch deletion 822b90c (Matt Butcher)
  • fix(worker): make cache name downcased 59eca1f (Matt Butcher)
  • feat(vacuum): add brigade-vacuum 1034c76 (Matt Butcher)
  • Correct ports and path for CR documentation b7581df (Ben Limmer)
  • fix(worker): prevent creating a pvc when cache is disabled 94389d7 (Adam Reese)
  • docs(intro): Remove unnecessary import in tutorial 0d771ac (JD Huntington)
  • fix(worker): prevent logging an empty array 24302fe (Adam Reese)
  • feat(worker): add a prefixed logger d7fcaa9 (Adam Reese)
  • feat(worker): add verbose error logging 5ce8980 (Adam Reese)
  • docs(intro): require brigadier in examples. 5198db0 (JD Huntington)
  • docs(scripting): Actually introduce brig c62a5ed (Mitchel Humpherys)
  • docs(brig): Mention where the brigade source needs to be cloned cb98b65 (Mitchel Humpherys)
  • tutorial03: Fix checkbox label 20b1151 (Mitchel Humpherys)
  • Add link to Kashti. b8e9c42 (Cole Mickens)
  • Spelling mistake c3de091 (Shayne Boyer)
  • docs(README): Link to instead of /docs/ 34ca1e4 (Mitchel Humpherys)
  • fix(gateway): enforce build policy for forks 8665c9d (Adam Reese)
  • chore(build-tools): add ts formatter and refactor build setup 7b69207 (Adam Reese)
  • Add missing run command to brig scripting 50a0cec (Ben Limmer)
  • feat(gateway): add pull_request:labeled and pull_request:unlabeled 029492c (Matt Butcher)
  • feat(gateway): support pull_request_review event bf05d3b (Matt Butcher)
  • feat(gateway): add several new webhook events 1699ba8 (Matt Butcher)
  • fix the fix for gateway selectors 🐑 3c5b2b6 (Matthew Fisher)
  • docs(values): add documentation on values.yaml 47d84bb (Matt Butcher)
  • differentiate between github and dockerhub gateways 887b713 (Matthew Fisher)
  • docs: fix typo ad1a349 (steven casey)
  • docs(*): update gateway config information ee80c5a (Matt Butcher)
  • tests(webhook): more test coverage for webhooks 7da40bd (Adam Reese)
  • fix(*): use alpine:3.7 cc3e9f4 (Adam Reese)
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