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Pyhton SQRL (Secure Quick Reliable Login) Client

What is SQRL?

A newly proposed authentication scheme from Steve Gibson of It allows for user authentication without the need of:

  • Username / Password pair
  • OTP (One Time Password)
  • Third party Interactions
  • Revealing your identity during login
  • An in-band authentication exchange

In a normal web authentication system your credentials are stored with the site you are trying to access. If the site were to be compromised yours and every other user's account information may be accessible; allowing the intruder to attempt to use you credentials with elsewhere. The best part about SQRL is that the site never has your login credentials. With SQRL you never send your "password". The site authenticates you using by verifying your identity by using a private / public key signatures. This ends up being vastly more secure.

Details can be found here: The SQRL protocol is new and is subject to change. I'll try my best to follow the published implementation found here: Install

The this package requires ed25519, docopt and pyinotify

 git clone
 cd sqrl
 sudo python install


Usage: sqrl [-d] [-n] [--path=<Dir>] [<SQRLURL>]
       sqrl [-l] [-s <AccountID>] [--create]

-d                    Debugging output
-l                    List Accounts
-n                    Notify via libnotify (Gnome)
-s                    Set an account as Default
--path=<Dir>          Path for config and key storage
--create              Create New Account

    sqrl -l
    sqrl --id 2a9s8x
    sqrl --create
    sqrl -d "sqrl://"

You feed the sqrl URL provided by the authentication service to the script and it uses it to submit and authentication request on your behalf. Based on how the sight is design, you may automatically be logged in. It's that simple.


  • Debug - Displays the content of the payload for your to veriy
  • Notification - Displays notifications on successful or fail auth attemps (Gnome Only)
  • Account Management - Create/Delete/Update Individual sqrl accounts


When the [-d] argument is given the script outputs all the components of the request.

Url: localhost:8080/sqrl?nut=1bfe7ef6f9989bd5709d61f7ac28195e&sqrlver=1&sqrlkey=Zl_nrges0MGPRelRoH9SEwwPcARQSA0QmYNx-ZDcOKU
Domin: "localhost"
SQRLver: 1
SQRLsig: LtYQU_j5Lwp6c0TrWEGhP0tj5o_PM8yni_tLmrG375aEIkUNdJzWl_XmLUN-dtZHuKWP1pf8iNUVSSyYRq3QDA
signature is good