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Scrutinizer Code Quality

Aeria is a modular, lightweight, fast WordPress Application development kit.


See the wiki.


How to get involved:

  1. Star the project!
  2. Answer questions that come through GitHub issues
  3. Report a bug that you find

Aeria follows the GitFlow branching model. The master branch always reflects a production-ready state while the latest development is taking place in the develop branch.

Each time you want to work on a fix or a new feature, create a new branch based on the develop branch: git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME develop. Only pull requests to the develop branch will be merged.

Pull requests are highly appreciated.

Solve a problem. Features are great, but even better is cleaning-up and fixing issues in the code that you discover.


Aeria is maintained by using the Semantic Versioning Specification (SemVer).

Copyright and license

Copyright 2015 Caffeina srl under the MIT license.