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Slack Webistrano

A Ruby On Rails plugin for Webistrano to send deployment updates to Slack channels. It works better on production mode, because on development mode the models can be reloaded after the plugin, and so the methods are not correctly overwritten.


  • Setup a new Slack instance and note the subdomain used.

  • On the Slack side, add a new "Incoming Webhooks" integration and note the token that Slack generates for you.

  • On Webistrano, copy this plugin to vendor/plugins/ and add the following to config/webistrano_config.rb:

      # Slack integration
      :slack_settings => {
        :webistrano_host => 'http://webistrano.yourdomain.com',
        :token => 'slack_token',
        :instance => 'slack_subdomain',
        :username => 'slack_username',
        # If a project is not present on the hash "channels" below, the notifications will go to the default channel
        :default_channel => '#slack_channel_name',
        :channels => {
          'Webistrano Project Name' => '#slack_channel_name',
          # Mapping a project to an empty string will disable notifications for this project 
          'Project that you do not want notifications' => ''
  • Restart the Rails server