API for accessing classic CAN and ISO CAN FD controller
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About CANpie FD

The goal of this project is to define a standard Application Programming Interface (API) for access to the CAN bus. The API provides functionality for ISO/OSI Layer-2 (Data Link Layer). It is not the intention of CANpie to incorporate higher layer functionality (e.g. CANopen, J1939). The API covers support for Classical CAN frames as well as for ISO CAN FD frames.

Where ever it is possible CANpie FD is independent from the used hardware and operating system. The function calls are unique for different kinds of hardware. Also CANpie FD provides a method to gather information about the features of the CAN hardware. This is especially important for an application designer, who wants to write the code only once.

The API is designed for embedded control applications as well as for PC interface boards.

Migration from CANpie to CANpie FD

The C language API of CANpie FD (i.e. version 3) is compatible to CANpie (i.e. version 2) with the exception that 8 functions are deprecated. Please refer to the section migration of the documentation.


The documentation is avaliable on https://canpie.github.io/ .