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☕️ 🚀 tiny & fast PHP framework for building Microservices/RESTful APIs, with useful features: IOC, Hook, ORM, RPC, Swagger, Annotation, Parameters binding, Validation, etc.
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phprs-restful 2.x is renamed to PhpBoot, and incompatible with 1.x. You can get the old version from phprs-restful v1.x


PhpBoot is an easy and powerful PHP framework for building RESTful/Microservices APIs.


PhpBoot provides mainstream features, such as IOC, HOOK, ORM, Validation, etc. But the most striking features are:

1. Designing object-oriented APIs


class BookController
    public function findBooks(Request $request)
        $name = $request->get('name');
        $offset = $request->get('offset', 0);
        $limit = $request->get('limit', 10);
        return new Response(['total'=>$total, 'data'=>$books]);
    public function createBook(Request $request)

WITH PhpBoot:

 * @path /books/
class Books
     * @route GET /
     * @return Book[]
    public function findBooks($name, &$total=null, $offset=0, $limit=10)
        $total = ...
        return $books;
     * @route POST /
     * @param Book $book {@bind request.request} bind $book with http body
     * @return string id of created book
    public function createBook(Book $book)
        $id = ... 
        return $id;

Read more: phpboot-example。    

2. Swagger

PhpBoot can automatically generate Swagger JSON,which can be rendered as document by Swagger UI like this:

Read more: Online Demo

3. RPC

Call the remote Books with RPC:

$books = $app->make(RpcProxy::class, [

Concurrent call RPC:

$res = MultiRpc::run([
        return $service1->doSomething();
        return $service2->doSomething();

Read more: RPC

4. IDE friendly



  1. Install composer

    curl -s | php
  2. Install PhpBoot

    composer require "caoym/phpboot"
  3. index.php

    require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';
    $app = \PhpBoot\Application::createByDefault(__DIR__.'/config/config.php');

Help & Documentation

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