A Chrome Extension Wallet for the Neo Smart Economy
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This is a Chrome extension wallet for the Neo Smart Economy.

Currently the project is undergoing heavy development.


Current Features

  • Open a wallet using an encyrpted WIF
  • Get a list of transactions for any known address - does not require login
  • Get the balance of any known address - does not require login
  • Send Neo or Gas to an address
  • Easily switch between Public & Private Net
  • Test invoke smart contracts, with parameters, to determine gas cost and test
  • Send invoke smart contracts with parameters and arguments
  • Authorize both types of smart contract invocations as requested by third-party dApp
  • SemVer 2.0 compliant http://semver.org/
  • Easy selection of MainNet, TestNet, or custom private net
  • Persistent storage of user configuration
  • Create wallet

Future Features

  • Add progress indicator for all actions to show user something is happening
  • Add global status bar or modal system
  • Re-skin UI and layout
  • Refactor: lint, modularity, and clarity
  • Contact book that remembers addresses used
  • Configurable watch wallet for any saved addresses to display balances all in one view
  • Claim Gas
  • Import Wallet
  • Export Wallet
  • Add arbitrary number of arguments for smart contract invocation
  • Ledger hardware support
  • Any ideas from the community!

Roadmap for Q1 2018

  • Finalize React version + Material Design
  • Product Landing Page
  • Firefox plug-in
  • Version 1.0 Release (Release packed plug-in on Google and Firefox)
  • neon-api integration (NEO's web3 equivalent)


npm install

npm run start (for development with live reload)

npm run build (production)

Your unpacked extension will be in the ./build/ folder.

See https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/getstarted#unpacked for instructions on manually loading an unpacked Chrome extension in developer mode.

Use NeoLink with your dApp

Add the following code to your dApp:

<input type='text' id='contractScriptHash' />
<input type='text' id='operationName' />
<input type='text' id='runInvokeArgument1' />
<input type='text' id='runInvokeArgument2' />
<input type='text' id='assetType' />
<input type='text' id='assetAmount' />

<button id="runInvokeButton">Invoke</button>
    function() {
      var scriptHash = document.getElementById("contractScriptHash").value
      var operation = document.getElementById("operationName").value
      var invokeArg1 = document.getElementById("runInvokeArgument1").value
      var invokeArg2 = document.getElementById("runInvokeArgument2").value
      var type = document.getElementById("assetType").value
      var amount = document.getElementById("assetAmount").value

      var invocationObject = {
        'scriptHash': scriptHash, // Your contract's script hash.
        'operation': operation,   // Operation as defined in your contract.
        'arg1': invokeArg1,       // Depending on your input/contract, you may need to use u.str2hexstring, u.reverseHex
        'arg2': invokeArg2,       // or other utility methods from neon-js for these arguments.
        'assetType': type,        // NEO or GAS currently.
        'assetAmount': amount     // Amount, decimals allowed for GAS.

      window.postMessage({ type: "NEOLINK_SEND_INVOKE", text: invocationObject }, "*");
}, false);

Please note that currently the code is limited to a maximum of two arguments to the smart contract.

NeoLink - Demo

  • Install NeoLink
    • Clone github.com/cityofzion/neolink/
    • Follow the instructions there to install and build
    • Login with encrypted WIF (wallet needs a balance of TestNet gas)
  • Visit sendeo.surge.sh and watch the video to learn how it works.
  • Code available at on Github