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Peer grading application (Django framework).

A professor defines an assignment by giving:

  • a description
  • a list of assigned students
  • a submission and a grading deadlines
  • a number of X graders for an assignment
  • a number of questions and the associated problem statements and coefficients

Students upload their assignment and grade X classmate assignments. Students can rate how they were evaluated.

The professor can take the lead on grading some students.

How to make the app run locally?


  • Python 3
  • Python packages listed in ``requirements.txt`

To set up the app locally:

  1. Install required packages

  2. Create a Postgres database. If you want, you can change it (for development purposes for instance) in classgrade/

  3. Define the following environment variables:

    • CG_DATABASE_NAME: database name
    • CG_DATABASE_USER: database user
    • CG_DATABASE_PASSWORD: database password
    • CG_EMAIL: email
    • CG_EMAIL_PASSWORD: password of the email account
    • CG_WORKING_ENV: working environment, can be set to DEV or PROD
  4. Run migrations: python migrate

To run the app locally: python runserver

How to deploy the app on heroku