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If you've created an nREPL client, transport, or middleware, add it here!

Other nREPL clients


  • nrepl-hornetq, which routes nREPL messages over HornetQ.
  • Drawbridge, Ring middleware implementing an nREPL HTTP/HTTPS endpoint and an nREPL transport to connect to such endpoints.
  • concerto, which "adds a broadcast mode to nrepl, so that when multiple users are logged into the same nrepl server they can each see what the others are doing".


  • Piggieback, which adds ClojureScript support to any nREPL session (though you should probably use Austin, which itself uses Piggieback, wrapping it with some bits that make ClojureScript REPLs very easy to start, configure, and manage).
  • nrepl-middleware, part of ritz that provides a variety of nREPL middleware supporting various enhanced REPL operations (including apropos, javadoc lookup, code completion, and an alternative eval implementation)
  • nrepl-project, part of ritz that provides "nREPL middleware for controlling the classpath of a REPL"
  • nrepl-codeq, part of ritz that provides "middleware for use with datomic's codeq"
  • contrib-repl, launch a repl with the latest versions of all contrib libraries added as dependencies
  • nrepl-cljs-middleware, offering ClojureScript compilation-as-a-middleware-service
  • nrepl-transcript, saves transcripts of repl interactions.
  • Javert provides a basic object inspector
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