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Elijah cloudlet system
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Cloudlet: Infrastructure for Mobile Computing

A cloudlet is a new architectural element that arises from the convergence of mobile computing and cloud computing. It represents the middle tier of a 3-tier hierarchy: mobile device - cloudlet - cloud. A cloudlet can be viewed as a "data center in a box" whose goal is to "bring the cloud closer".
Copyright (C) 2011-2014 Carnegie Mellon University.

Please visit our website at Elijah Project for detail project information.

Before You Start

Please take a look at following two papers to understand our work better.

  1. The Case for VM-based Cloudlets in Mobile Computing: a position paper proposing the concept of the cloudlet.
  2. The Impact of Mobile Multimedia Applications on Data Center Consolidation: experimental results presenting how the cloudlet can make a difference.

Cloudlet Project Repository

####OpenStack++ and library project####

elijah-OpenStack: OpenStack extension for cloudlet
  ├── Code and UI for cloudlet OpenStack extension.
  │   Dependency on other cloudlet projects as below.
  ├── elijah-provisioning (since v1.0)
  │     ├─ Library for Cloudlet provisioning using VM synthesis
  │     ├─ Standalone server and client for VM provisioning
  │     └─ Paper: Just-in-Time Provisioning for Cyber Foraging 
  ├── elijah-handoff (since v2.0)
  │     ├─ Library for achieving VM handoff across Cloudlets
  │     ├─ Adaptive VM live migration optimized for WAN
  │     └─ Under development (Will be released at 2015 summer).
  ├── elijah-discovery (since v2.0)
  │     ├─ Library for registration and Cloudlet query  
  │     │    ├─ Resource monitor
  │     │    ├─ Cache monitor
  │     │    └─ Registration daemon
  │     │
  │     ├─ Client library for discovery
  │     │
  │     └─ Cloud-based discovery server (sources for
  │          ├─ Registration Server
  │          └─ Custom DNS Server

####Applications leverging cloudlet####

  1. GigaSight: Scalable Crowd-Sourcing of Video from Mobile Devices
  2. QuiltView: A Crowd-Sourced Video Response System
  3. Gabriel: A Wearable Cognitive Assistance System


Recent publications are at

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