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Uploads Ruby test coverage data to Code Climate


Code Climate

Collects test coverage data from your Ruby test suite and sends it to Code Climate's hosted, automated code review service. Based on SimpleCov.

Code Climate -


This gem requires a user, but not necessarily a paid account, on Code Climate, so if you don't have one the first step is to signup at: Then:

  1. Add this to your Gemfile:

    gem "codeclimate-test-reporter", group: :test
  2. Start the test reporter on the very first line of your test_helper.rb or spec_helper.rb file:

      require "codeclimate-test-reporter"

Then set the CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN environment variable when you run your build on your CI server, and the results will show up in your Code Climate account.

The CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN value is provided after you add your repo to your Code Climate account by clicking on "Setup Test Coverage" on the right hand side of your feed.

Please contact if you need any assistance setting this up.


Certain behaviors of the test reporter can be configured. See the Configuration class for more details. For example, you can change the logging level to not print info messages:

Note that the configuration block must come before TestReporter.start.

CodeClimate::TestReporter.configure do |config|
  config.logger.level = Logger::WARN


Another example for when your Rails application root is not at the root of the git repository root

CodeClimate::TestReporter.configure do |config|
  config.path_prefix = "app_root" #the root of your Rails application relative to the repository root
  config.git_dir = "../" #the relative or absolute location of your git root compared to where your tests are run


Extending Simplecov with other formatters

Since ruby-test-reporter 0.4.0 you can use CodeClimate::TestReporter::Formatter as a Simplecov formatter directly. Just add the formatter to your Simplecov formatter in addition to the rest of your configuration:

require 'codeclimate-test-reporter'
SimpleCov.start do
  formatter SimpleCov::Formatter::MultiFormatter[

Using with parallel_tests

Note: This may work with other parallel test runners as long as they run on the same machine.

Be sure you're using simplecov >= 0.9.0.

Add the following to your test_helper.rb/spec_helper.rb instead of what is normally required.

require 'simplecov'
require 'codeclimate-test-reporter'
SimpleCov.add_filter 'vendor'
SimpleCov.formatters = []
SimpleCov.start CodeClimate::TestReporter.configuration.profile

Then after all your tests run, in a rake task or as a build step do:

require 'simplecov'
require 'codeclimate-test-reporter'

Help! Your gem is raising a ...


Add the following to your spec or test helper:

    VCR.configure do |config|
      # your existing configuration
      config.ignore_hosts ''


Add the following to your spec or test helper:

    WebMock.disable_net_connect!(:allow => "")

Other communication failures

If you are using a web stubbing library similar to VCR or WebMock which prevent external requests during test runs, you will need configure these libraries to allow Code Climate to make external requests.


Patches, bug fixes, feature requests, and pull requests are welcome on the GitHub page for this project:

This gem is maintained by Bryan Helmkamp (



Portions of the implementation were inspired by the coveralls-ruby gem.

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