Coffee brew sensor using a Raspberry Pi
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A coffee brewing Slack notification system using a non-invasive current sensor and Raspberry Pi. The setup watches energy consumption and waits for a rise in current draw above 7A, followed by several minutes of sustained usage. Once the time threshold has passed, it does an HTTP POST to a Slack webhook, sleeps for about 15 minutes, then starts monitoring again.

ADC board and Raspberry Pi

Boards mounted inside enclosure

ADC board front and back

Parts List


While I don't have a schematic handy, the gist of the connections is running the CT sensor to an analog input on the MCP3008 chip (See: How to build an Arduino energy monitor), then wiring the digital SPI output of the MCP3008 to Raspberry Pi GPIO pins. Adafruit has a guide on connecting the MCP3008 to a Raspberry Pi that was useful.