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IdeaConcordionSupport Build Status

This plugin provides support for concordion framework.

It can be installed from Intellij IDEA plugins repository

Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories... > search for Concordion support



It is built by gradle so it does not require to have intellij idea plugin sdk set up to start development.


  • idea 14.1+ with JUnit plugin running on jdk 8 (project may use any jdk)

Supported features

  • Autocompletion
    • concordion commands in HTML and MD specs
    • test fixture members in concordion expressions
    • spec variables
  • Navigation between spec and test fixture
    • with Navigate between concordion spec and fixture (Ctrl + Shift + s)
    • clicking concordion icon in test fixture and spec
    • using go to declaration (Ctrl + left click on concordion expression)
  • Find usages (Ctrl + F7) list will include usages of methods and properties in concordion spec (for HTML specs only)
  • Renaming support (for HTML specs only)
    • it is possible to rename method/field from its usage in spec
    • after renaming method/field corresponding usage in spec will be renamed as well
    • concordion variable will be renamed in spec along with all its usages
  • Run configuration (Ctrl + Shift + F10) from HTML or MD spec. JUnit for corresponding test fixture will be created and started
  • Inspections
    • error out using concordion without proper runner in @RunWith annotation
    • error out using too complex expressions without @FullOGNL annotation
    • warn using maps in specs
    • warn using of undeclared concordion spec variable
    • warn using commands in CamelCase if spinal-case configured (and vice versa, quick fix available)
  • Intentions/Quick fixes (Alt + Enter)
    • use method/field in concordion spec and then create its declaration (field type/return type/arguments types will be inferred from context) (Alt + Enter over usage)
    • surround word/selection with concordion expression (Alt + Enter any place in spec)
    • fix misused concordion command case (CamelCase <-> spinal-case) (Alt + Enter over warned command)
  • Manipulating spec and fixture pairs
    • creation of specs or fixtures from templates via new menu
    • creation of spec and fixture pair via new menu
    • rename spec and fixture at the same time