An Oberon-07 compiler for Intel 64 (AMD64) architecture
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Patchouli Oberon-07 Compiler


This compiler is based on Prof. Niklaus Wirth "Compiler Construction" book and the Oberon-07 compiler in Project Oberon (2013).

The goal is to implement a recursive descent compiler for Oberon-07 language, Intel 64 architecture.

Previously named AyaCompiler, which was a single pass compiler. However, since the current version (which employs a syntax tree) is considerably different from the old one, I decide to change its name.

Binary is also supply with source.


This compiler follows the latest Oberon-07 Report faithfully (hope so).

Compiler-specific features are documented in: Detailed Documentation

On the inner working of compiler: Compiler Construction and Project Oberon 2013 are pretty sufficient.