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  1. islandora_pretty_text_diff islandora_pretty_text_diff Public

    Integrates the jQuery.PrettyTextDiff to visualize differences in texts.

    JavaScript 6 2

  2. islandora_find_replace islandora_find_replace Public

    An administrative user interface to perform find & replace on datastream text.

    PHP 6 6

  3. islandora_disqus islandora_disqus Public

    Enables Disqus commenting on Islandora objects.

    JavaScript 2 1

  4. cm_multi_tenant cm_multi_tenant Public

    Tweaks to tighten up the multi tenancy possibilities of Islandora multisites.

  5. libre_scholar libre_scholar Public


  6. navbar_modernizr navbar_modernizr Public


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