Droplets: The Correll Lab Swarm Robotics Framework
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Empirical data-driven rescaling of the 'delay' measured for the timed cmd functions (receivedRnbCmd & receivedIrSyncCmd), since there seems to be a linear error in the delay when measured this way.
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Droplets: A Swarm Robotics Platform

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The platform has been produced by the Correll Robotics Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder. It is envisioned to be a scalable robotics experimentation environment.

Two Droplets with U.S. quarter for scale. One is tilted to face the camera and has its shell removed.

The hardware is comprised of actual robots, and the test bed/floor that experiments are run on. The robots are capable of sensing IR and RGB intensities, actuation using vibration motors, and IR communication. The embedded software layer is what we use to write and compile on-board code for the droplets. Each robot is equipped with an Atmel xmega-128a3u microprocessor capable of running embedded-c.

A simulator has also been developed for this platform. This code has its own repo on github.

This work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. CC License